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Using existing & new laws of the game.

TFA 4 v 4 Challenge, Tournament Rules

  • 4 players per team on the field (no goalkeepers); 
  • Substitution is on the fly.
  • 2 x 12 minutes halves (running clock with no timeouts)  (2 minute half times breaks)
  • Goals may only be scored from the offensive half of the field. 
  • ALL ages can head the ball, 
  • ALL Free Kicks are direct 
  • No offside 
  • One adult per team on the sideline 
  • ALL players  must wear shinguards. 
  • No throw-ins, all kick-ins from a boundary line and or fouls are direct kicks
  • Defending teams will give 3 yards on all  kicks from the field (Unless space permits otherwise)
  • Goal kicks may be taken from anywhere on the end line. 
  • Goal Size: Estimated 4ft tall  x 6 ft wide
  • Goal Box Arc: Estimated 5 ft in front of goal , 8 ft wide (half circle)
  • NO player may touch the ball within the Goal Area (however players may run through the goal area) 
  1. If offensive player touches ball in goal area = goal kick 
  2. If defensive player touches ball in goal area = penalty kick (a direct free kick from anywhere on the goal  line into open goal – all players will be behind the ball – once the penalty kick is taken it will either result in a goal for the shooter’s team or a dead ball indirect kick for the defense. 
  3. If the ball stops in goal area = goal kick •

Yellow Card offense – player must be subbed from the field for 3 minutes.
Red Card offense (2 yellows) - player gets disqualified from the game, but can play the following game(unless the tournament director decides otherwise).
Red Card offense - Fighting or any violent conduct -or verbal abuse to referees or to opposite tam players - player gets disqualified from the tournament.

Team Max Roster, 8 players. RECOMMENDED 5 -7 players per team.

Mercy Rule - At the trailing coach’s discretion; if the lead is 6 or more goals, the leading team will remove one field player; If the score gap gets within 3 goals, the team must go back to 4 players on the field.

Point system: 3 pts for win, 1 pt for tie, 0 pt for loss
Tie breaker Criteria  during preliminary games  (if 2-3 teams are tied in total points): 

  1. Head to head competition, 
  2. Fewest goals scored (max. 5 per game)
  3. Most goals for
  4. Most Shutouts
  5. Penalty kicks  (1 kick take sudden death-this will continue thru all players rotating until we have a winner)

Tie breaker Criteria during playoffs or Final games 
A 3 minute sudden death goal will determine the winner. If still tied:

  1. Each team will pull off a player (3v3) for 3 minutes, if still tied2.  
  2. Each team will pull off a player (2v2) for 3 minutes, if still tied
  3. Each team will pull off a player (1v1) for 3 minutes, until a winner is decided.

Winners will receive:

  1. Championship team = Championship T-shirt
  2. Finalist team = Finalist T-shirt



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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